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I ship within 2 business days of payment. I ship via USPS with delivery confirmation for every package sent. If you live outside of the US, you are responsible for any taxes, tariffs, or customs fees required for your country.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Due to the nature of body products, all soap sales are final. Please make sure to read all of the information provided as well as the ingredients used to make sure it is the right soap for you. If you have any problems at all, contact me and I will do my best to work with you and settle any issues. All other items may be returned within 4 days of arrival of the package. Buyers are responsible for paying return shipping.

Additional information

The soaps you find in my shop are made from scratch using only natural oils and ingredients. All products with added fragrances used are phthalate-free. I will always label products with all the ingredients used, allowing you to have a peace of mind in what you put on your body.

All of my soaps are made using the cold-process method, which contains many benefits to your skin as well as excellent moisturizing properties. This method involves mixing oils with lye (sodium hydroxide). Though this may sound like a potentially dangerous chemical, (it is hazardous before adding to oils) it's completely safe once the saponification process is complete. In fact, this process creates natural glycerin, which is what makes handmade soaps so moisturizing. Also, buying handmade soap instead of commercial body bars and liquid body washes means less soap wasted at once and less plastic bottles being used.

Many people do not realize that the majority of soap you buy at the store is not real soap. They are usually labeled as “cleansing bar” or “moisturizing bar” some commercial products even state “rinses cleaner than soap”. These common commercial bars are actually not much more than a “detergent bar”.

What does commercial soap lack?
-Whole natural oils.

What goes in commercial soap?
-Lathering agents and

What comes out of commercial soap?
Glycerin is a valuable commodity, it’s altered and processed into industrial lubricants, solvents, it’s used in the food industry and (get this) nitroglycerin for dynamite. It’s worth more to big companies to sell the glycerin than to provide us with whole nourishing soaps. In other words, it’s all about the biggest profits.

What is glycerin?
Glycerin is a natural lubricating humectant, a sweet tasting by-product of soap.
It’s found in whole natural oils
It’s naturally occurring in handmade soap.

What goes into handmade soap?
-The care and passion of the crafter
-Small carefully crafted batches
-Whole natural oils
-Glycerin, which is naturally occurring in handmade soaps and left alone to do what it does naturally.

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